Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ordinary or Extra-ordinary?

We all wish to be extra-ordinary, famous, renowned and what not? Well, like many others I have had that wish too. But this wish of mine led to a quandary in my mind. If at all one day I do get famous, I wonder if I’ll be able to take the fame, as much as it sounds fantastic, its different than being in your own nest, comfortable with your group of friends, a circle where that lovely few know your name.
When we are with our own people we don’t need to justify our course of actions, they know it’s a part of us, yet matters are discussed and decisions are subsequently taken. To be that extraordinaire one needs that unique feather in the hat, that which is visible form far away. “Oh! Look, look at her; yes her, with the eyes that gleam and the smile so broad and lovely, yes she wrote this book!” Sounds just so perfect!
I have a habit of bringing in “buts” in a beautiful land, but this time I shall not. This post is about being extra ordinary in especially ordinary way. In other words being special to people in our own skin, with what we are at best. There is no reason for me to mime or model anyone. Ideals we all have but imitation just takes the us from that ‘us’ farther away.
I’ll share one thing here. I have a knack to do many things. Many. I couldn’t believe how I ended up getting The Best student award in my undergrad years. That was my first! Yet knowing that my teachers found me worthy enough for that was a very proud moment for me. Today when I look at my Curriculum Vitae, my eyes shine with glee for I know it truly represents what I’m and what I have been.
Nay, I do not intend to popularize myself, have never done that and will never do. But yes, this blog began with sharing my poetry and my self a bit too. The knowledge that some bloggers ( not in huge numbers like I would have liked) over the course of these ( about to be-> ) two years loved and appreciated my work is very humbling. But then I also think that having few lovely avid readers who often drop by satisfies me? It indeed does, for had they not been there, the fire would have perhaps died all by itself (long ago, maybe). However since the fire is very much alive and burning, it is there to stayJ
The last year has particularly been a delightful one and so far this year too.  I have received some 30 postcards from across the globe with many sent as well (just in two months!). The cards nicely sit in two boxes I have. I believe in befriending people and gladly so I’ve never had to expend much effort, they just happen. As much as the words have warmth they have that ‘love filled’ intent too, so whether it is through postcrossers whom I write letters or you bloggy friends with whom I share many a things, it’s always a pleasure so true!
Have come a long way in these two years; recognised for my work at the academic front I dream of taking it far ahead. This heart trusts people, for when we take our hand forward, we also tell the other person that we gift you the ability to trust us and in return all we ask is love and trust to only strengthen the building which we’ll together build. Fortunately or unfortunately we all come across those so called ‘once upon a time friends’ but that in no way should deter us  in trusting the new ones. Why?
 Coz a loving heart knows always to give,
This is not to say it doesn’t breaks,
With dreams of future life and pals,
That heart tunes those melodies,
Which shall remind them of the spring,
The spring in life,
The spring in nature,
And that cool wind,
Which embraces the others,
With silky touch,
In words wrapped with orange rind!

With the hope that one fine day I shall have my own book of poems published!
We are all special in our own ways!:)

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Kunal said...

I have always believed that you do not have to do anything special in order to be labelled as extra ordinary. The sparks of extra ordinariness are there in each and every one. Whether that spark lights up our life and in the process, a few others too, depends on many factors. But, the truth is spark is there, always!

Chasing fame and popularity does not necessarily mean that you want to be extraordinaire. It can be even demeaning to see it that way. Just believe in what you want to achieve and continue on your path and you are extra ordinary already. The rest, so to say, will follow.

And the only way to know, if you can take the fame, is to get famous! :-P

And you will be one day. And you don't forget who your friends are, and they won't forget you. But, a few wouldn't even care for you being famous. For them, you will be same old Aakriti who writes at Yarn of Words! ;-)

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