Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's been a while

Its been a while……….
I miss blogging. I really do! Two years back when this blog saw its day, I was madly reading blogs after blogs and like a little kid who is shown her way to the Chocolate Factory, I was delighted by everything ‘bloggy’. The look of the blogs, the backgrounds, the badges, the way bloggers displayed their creativity etc etc..
Two years down the line…things have changed. Priorities have changed too. It’s not that I have become a busy young lady who has lot of chores to do. Yet, things have changed. I’m at this point in life, where some short term goals in life have been ticked off, others are on their way to be ticked off, and the pursuit of my dreams invites me.
A lot has been going on in this mind of mine. It’s like thoughts get churned every now and then, and come up in varied forms. Off late, I have begun to think that perhaps blogging is best for me when I have work to do; just like they say, that the most creative ideas get sparked off when you have your exams to give! I still remember writing the story “Colours of Faith” ( which is very close to my heart) when I had a final term paper submission due in perhaps 2 days?!! And that was one kinda story I wrote!
I still write poems, in hindi and English, haiku yes have been on a roll, but not on blog.

There is something lacking,
An absence, I feel,
Some people who seem near, get distanced,
Others, far away, become a nice treat,
And to where shall my path lead,
Friendships I wonder about,
My dreams, my present reality,
Clueless, I stride along,
And then there are those who are proud of me,
I question myself,
As they gleam, their lovely smiles,
At me and for me,
My eyes bewildered,
Who is me?
Where is me?

This present I know is a part of me,
Had to come and now it sees me,
Each day to live with certainty,
Yes, that’s my idea, that’s a bit me,
And what happens when you reach that end?
No!, not dead, but a folk you see,
Of personal, professional, life of yours,
You wish not to decide,
For it all looks heavy!

1 comment:

Bikram said...

well you said it priorities change ,i use to post each day now i do 2 - 3 times a week ..

heres wishing that you find the WHO IS ME very soooonn .. lovely poem


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