Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dreamy Land #2: Greece

A place where the languages, the intellect and the beauties evolved from......Greece.

The Greek philosophy, the style of written language and the myths are all very alluring. And yes I wish to go to this country, to Agora, from where the word 'agoraphobia' comes, to Athens, and to the most gorgeous combination of blue and white....Santorini:)

I recently got a beautiful postcard from a postcrosser from Greece, just like I would love to have:) but for now...
The famous Acropolis in Athens

My love: Santorini

So cute and bright!

Sunset at Santorini
If I close my eyes,
And get transported to a place,
It shall be the land of blue and white,
Land of beauty and grace,
And I won't mind being alone,
Or the company of my mate,
For Santorini, Greece, 
Shall take my breath away!


Bikram said...

ooooooooooohhh WOWOWOWOWWOWOW

the pictures are taking the breadth away already


the little princess said...

beautiful..never seen a water more blue"r"! photography is amazing and so is the accompanying poetry.

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