Friday, May 4, 2012

Greatful to..Postcrossing

Its been more than a month since I began Postcrossing and I have to say it's a delight getting to know people in addition to little fun facts about their country and them. The myriad of hand writings, stamps and the love that goes in selecting a postcard for a postcrosser whom you have never met is inexplicable. Of all that I know its a beautiful sweet gesture on one postcrosser's part to make a random postcrosser happy:)

Sharing with you some of my postcards.....
My very first postcard

This postcrosser from Sweden very kindly thought of sending me an Eiffel Tower which
was on my 'wish' list. Yet I think why from Sweden:P

A lovely, chirpy postcrosser from Georgia, USA, Beth. She was
contacted through direct swap and wrote back to me the next day:)
The following ones are some of the postcards received by some special people ( not postcrossers). I deeply cherish these ones:) -

Matterhorn Mountain Peak, Lying at the Swizz-Italy Border,
one of the highest peak in Alps

If this is how beautiful Switzerland is in a postcard,
I imagine how it would be for real:)

I wholeheartedly cherish this one sent to me by my brother
from USHUAIA, World's Southern Most city in Argentina

This was given to me by a sweet junior who went to Paris with her dad
Some of the postcards I sent across:
An Elephant decorated in Jaipur during the Elephant Festival
that is celebrated in the month of March with Holi
Lord Krishna with gopis: Vastrharan

This one is a mughal painting which has been re-painted
to its utmost detail
Need I say more, my love for postcrossing? ;)

Happy Weekend


Kunal said...

As pretty as the post cards are...and as beautiful as the words written of them are...I think why we find them so beautiful is the idea of a human touch in them. That someone took all this effort..selecting the post cards..writing words on it...posting it....all this with one intention..of making the person whom it is intended for smile and spread some happiness....this idea makes every post card beautiful..and the one to cherish...:-)

And for that you deserve kudos as well... :-)

Need I say...that all the post cards are super pretty? :-)

Sarah malik said...

'and words are all i have to take your heart away' :) some things never loose their worth and cards are definitely one of them.
I loved each and every post card specially the Switzerland ones..coz i have this interest in the place :)


Aakriti said...

Thank u so much Kunal:)

Subtlescribbler: Thanks:) " and yes words and gestures indeed take hearts away...only to make them smile:)

CookieCrumbsInc. said...

I think this Postcrossing might be the perfect place to feed my wanderlust :) Thank you for that... And the first postcard, the Eiffelwala... breathtaking!

Aakriti said...

Peevee: Its feeding mine...will sure as well feed urs too;) its great going so far:)

AnYen said...

Hi dear, i dont know why, but its like im waiting for ur postcard:)

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