Sunday, May 27, 2012

On being fit and fine

On being fit and fine

I was showing my college friends my school pictures the other day. While I looked much younger, I was comparatively thinner. One of my friend after browsing through some pictures said “Wow! You look so hot in this one!” And I thought in my head “ Once upon a time…”
Ever since my 12th boards got over, I think my weight and my body took a biiiiiig back seat. I haven’t bloated! Thank goodness for that. The reason is that I have never really given myself into junk food. Perhaps to surprise all of you, I carried ‘ghar ka khana’ everyday to my college both in undergrad and in Postgrad. My mom’s response was “ College mein ho gaye hain, par khana abhi bhi ghar ka leke jana hai”!
But yes, home food helps our health far better than junk.
Funnily enough, as new year resolutions hardly work, last year this happened:
My bestie calls me up around mid night to wish me for the New Year. She asks “What’s your new year resolution?” My awesome spontaneous reply “ To be as hot as Priyanka Chopra by my birthday" which was eleven months away from January …
Oh ! as expected, I did nothing, so nothing really happened.
My body saw a lot of things in the last year. Aches, pains, tears all came by. 
I still have to enrol my self into a yoga schedule and learn it the proper way. In Indian Psychology or Eastern Philosophy we have the eight stages of Yoga. I have read it all in theory, now wish to experience and come closer to the divine in that way.
There have been days when I have felt ‘my body’, loved the sweat and felt refreshed.

If only gorgeous parks like these were here:P But yeah...each park has its own
It’s sad that we give up on our exercise regime as work piles up; contrarily it is that one thing we should keep with us. Working out releases endorphins which help in coping with stress. We may have read about this over and over again.. Ok. Let me say ‘I’. I’m a lazy ass. But yeah the Park stories invite me to go there every day. I prefer not to carry my cell or ipod. That time is ‘Me’ time; for my body, my breath, my sweat.
I just hope that I’m regular. Aiming for extra things to decrease the flab never helps. All i need is regularity and a little toning and a little weight loss too, coz the weighing scale crossed the upper limit for my height ( That sure needs consideration!)

Fit and fine. Yes, that’s good for meJ
Wishing you a great week ahead!

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