Monday, March 31, 2014

And maybe growing up is also listening more and speaking less....

Hello Dear Vanilla people....

Talking of Words, I came upon this wonderful website!  Use Grammarly's free grammar check online  because good grammar like good gestures can take you places!:) This website is a great tool to proofread your documents far more efficiently than the Word Processor.... Use 

Words shall be yours and yours alone
But a wand of correct grammar
Shall forever go along......:)

It's been a while I have been wondering about my ability to make a yarn of words, turns out, a few threads of different colorrs do come by and then they are left at simply being threads.

As days turn to weeks and weeks to months.
As seconds turn into hours, with everything said and done.
As those you knew become acquaintances
As strangers become more than dear ones
As winter turns into spring
With that squirrel walk in your step
As time goes by with seasons of hits and misses
Words stay at being thoughts
Waiting to walk the "insight way"

Paragraphs stay away
Stories become a haze
Perhaps, if this is what growing up is
Answers sure shall come some day!

Happy New Month!!


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