Monday, December 26, 2011

I understand You

I understand You

Behind your starry smiles,
Behind your quiet silences,
Behind your love for friends,
Behind the words listened, much less spoken,
I wonder what you think,
I wonder what you feel,
As much as I know,
There’s a lot you in there keep,
A place full of depths,
Worthy of very few,
Never really known,
And this I understood.

Amidst the care you show,
Amidst the giving you give,
Amidst the eyes that sparkle,
Amidst the people with whom you sit,
In between the self whispers speak,
And this I understood.

And now you answer me,
For silence I’ll try and interpret,
For the laughs we shared,
Smiles we hi-fived,
My outpourings to thee,
The concern I received,
Where is mine to give?
A shell I see,
Invisible, intangible, but there,
A pain I feel,
Throbbing, aching, that hurts,
What is for me to offer?
For in your silence,
Are your surfaced smiles,
And your manifest tears,
And this I……



Unknown said...

A great thought! :) "And this I..." leaves so much for us to think....fabulous composition!

I have word verification on my blog comments since many internet bots auto post rubbish ads and nonsense words if they find no word verification. That is why you will see captcha or word verification in most places. So, that's a way of automated moderation :)

Cяystal said...

It ends on a note that makes me wonder, what shall follow ?
You get better and better.:*

N.S.Kirti said...

beautiful poem Aakriti, really touching :)
hey i nominated you for "versatile Blogger award. here is the post:

Princess Poo said...

Awesome one :).
Loved the way you have written.
The style is amazing.
Hats off dear :).

One Life. Many Moments. said...

Loved it. Shit. i had teary eyes!!
beautiful! :)

:-Dee said...

Very well written poem.. :) you should try more poetry aakriti...

Suree said...

'I am not selfish, I just love myself more than I love you' :)
The toughest thing to do is to feel the pain of someone else and turn it into a beautiful rhyme of meaningful words. You excelled here :)

It might sound brutal but if I can't keep myself happy how can I keep you happy ? For all the people who you wrote this poem for , they deserve better of themselves :)

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