Friday, December 16, 2011

All about Happy Endings!

All about Happy Endings!

Hmm…So I just finished watching the left over part of this movie ‘The Good Guy’ ( as in I began watching this movie when more than half of it was over on HBO).  As was more than expected, the girl did go to the good guy and the movie did end on a happy note!

So at this moment I think, how we all like happy endings. When friends are in distress or for that matter anybody, the words of consolation end at this sweet note with a warm hug (if the person is near) “Don’t worry, it’ll all be fine” or “This too shall pass”. They’ve been heard plenty of times before, but surprisingly these words make us feel different yet same in the varied situations we hear them.

It’s indubitable that happy endings bring a smile on our face, they make us feel secure, reassure us that world after all is not such a bad place to be in, that when sadness comes happiness is just around the corner, and that there is silver lining in the greyest of the clouds!
So in that sense, while some of us may feel that a particular movie is completely predictable, that the Princess shall eventually find her Prince charming (and well- A good looking one too), that the ‘good guy’ shall get his girl no matter what, that Ratatouille shall be a success for he knows his art, and that Rapunzel shall find her smile, her love and her family for the obedient girl she has been.

But amidst all this, I wonder if we really do get tired of the “happy endings”?
So when I recall watching ‘Pursuit of Happyness’ I was sad, I really was. I tried searching ‘happy’ in this movie. I’m not gonna touch the topic of what kind of movies stir what kind of emotions in us, coz well that can be a different post altogether!

But I just want to know how happy or comfortable are WE with happy endings? And if yes/ no, then why not? Got some thoughts running?;)....Lay them at rest here.....:)


Priyanka Mohanty said...

Personally i love movies with happy endings because it gives so much hope for our real life however sad or happy it may be!

Kunal said...

Isn't hoping for a happy ending and eventually feeling good when it happens when one is facing problems of any kind in life a sign that you are, so to say, sane?

Tough situations are inevitable. And not all of them will end in happy endings. But, still, we always hope for it.. (at least most of the people)..And I think, you are right, when you say, it tells us that, world is a good place to live in and there is a silver lining in the greyest of clouds.

However, what separates us from others is how we handle things, when what we hoped for, was not what we got. Disappointments, are, as much a part of our life, as much as happy endings are. But, we like, hopeless fools, still hope for the best, when the next problem occurs. We try our best, sometimes, succeed and sometimes fail, but next time again, we leave the disappointment behind and start from scratch.

That is what we are. That makes who we are. :)

P.S - I have not seen the good guy. I have seen Ratatouille and The pursuit of Happiness. And I did felt good after watching them. :)

Good Luck. :)

Cяystal said...

They do exist. No justifications here! :)

Silence Unplugged. said...

Why wouldn't anybody want a happy ending????? Everybody wants a happy ending, even if is as wrong as a thief wantin a flawless robbery. A mobster, a sweet revenge...eventually THAT is the happy ending for them!! The only reason why people are unhappy, or distressed IS because they do not have a happy ending! When they find what they are looking for, it IS the happy ending!!

Ps- Pursuit, had a beautiful ending, it wasn't happy, but it was overwhelming for sure..!! and it, in the end, have a happy ending! :D

Irfanuddin said...

indeed, whatever we do in our life we always want a happy ending of it......talking about movies there it matters more bcoz ultimately these are for entertainment and when they have their end happy it feels good to the viewers...:)

:-Dee said...

Here is my happy ending to the day...

:-Deelighted to bestow upon you The Versatile Blogger Award! Happy Blogging! :)

Bikram said...

Well i think happy endings happen in films :) life is funny .. WE all want happy endings but then the sad part is to get to those happy endings we sometimes do wrong things :)


CookieCrumbsInc. said...

Happy endings are very relative, I feel. What might be happy for me might not make you happy. And my definition of Prince Charming will be a world apart from yours.

But yes, I do need my happy endings. And even if they're not happy, I most definitely need closure:)

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