Saturday, September 17, 2011

My kind of Rain..

My kind of Rain;)
Yup…here I go…again..
1.      I was watching this video which Twisha shared on FB of Tim Mc Graw and was just thinking how absolutely out of the world it is to get touched by the singer who inspires you, who you idolize and whom you completely love, when you go to his/ her concert. Sigh….I’m an art fan, but have no one to accompany me either to IHC for photo exhibitions, or art work or for concerts..:/..
2.      For the last bit to get fulfilled I would not mind having that ‘one special artistic guy’ who accompanies me at such places and enjoys as well..
3.      Life is beautiful and I say it time and again. Coz it keeps reminding me now and then, with it’s share of surprises J
4.      I got an assignment due for Monday for which I was shit scared till yesterday, but somehow now I DAMN care:D…Something just changed …Dunno what.
5.      I annoyed my best friend by cancelling my presence at her birthday party which she was celebrating today at a kinda big scale, because of this assignment. Yes..I know I am a Jerk…she cancelled the whole party coz many people were not turning up and not just coz of me! And well she  didn’t talk to me last night, even as I frantically called and msgd her, but to no avail. Phew. I’m glad now that she is enjoying with her BF.:)
PS: I’m not that bad a friend, I wanted to surprise her by going to her place today with her janam diwas gift, but glad I asked before going coz she was anyway not home.
6.      Sometimes if nothing else, or no person in real, the love songs just make me fall in love  and that kinda makes me feel goodJ

7.      I just need a reason to FALL IN LOVE;)

Have a fab weekend:)

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One Life. Many Moments. said...

oh god. HOWW I lovee that sing of his..!! The day i someone sings it to me..i ll be HIS :P Nice post baby.
PS- We shud totaally hang out together. I usualyy got to art exhibitions, and a lot of music concerts :D

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