Friday, September 23, 2011

A letter to Leonardo

Dear Leonard
Tell me something, do you love me? Or rather do you somehow plan every time I randomly pick a movie from my hard disk, to pop and show your best in that movie and again?
Well, if that is what you plan to do every time then you got to tell me why you do this to me? You not only leave me impressed, but you bloody make me  appreciate you more with every act that I see of yours. Ah! Well sure, we could fix a date, where I could talk about your work, and we could discuss about mine;)…how about that?

First you make me fall in love with you in Titanic, and that was when I was still a kid, perhaps seven or 8 years old. And by far that is the most romantic movie I have ever seen, with oodles of sensuality,passion and fun that being in love could involve.

Then you daze me out, in the maze of your dream within a dream, to the extent that I come out of the theatre with questions only I couldn’t answer, and yeah here is where my bewilderment finds place.

Then again, you perhaps from somewhere find out that I’ll act in a movie that’ll kick the brains out of her . And one fine night, when I decide to watch the movie with my brother, you again pop up only to give me Goosebumps in ‘The Shutter Island’. Ah! Great, that night was indeed creepy I tell you, not being able to figure out whether you were the one who was insane or the people of that island drove you insane. What a befitting movie for me to watch and analyse.  

And then today, I pick up a movie my bro suggests, only to see your oh! so deep blue eyes and clean shaven face, with a young dashing man performing an art of a conman in the movie ‘Catch me if you can’ ; pretty impressive indeed.
Sigh, I’m head over heels in love with you.  One of the finest actors of all time, and your choice of perfect movies just bowls me over.
Sure you are a stunner. Your charm, your grace, and I can go on.

I’ll not call myself a fan of yours, coz I know not you as a person,
I’m not one of those who’ll scream and shout when I see you somewhere,
I watch you on my screen; I admire you from all my heart,
I know you are clueless about this girl who respects you as an actor,
But yes, if this is love, I do love you, and my love is not a clich├ęd one my dear,
Coz you are the one…and the ONLY one.

Love and deepest regard


Rahul said...

I so wish Leo was reading this....:-)

Aakriti said...

@ Rahul: I wish that too;)

Kunal said...

Since, you are so head over heels for Mr Leonardo..I would suggest you also watch Departed, Blood Diamond and Gangs of New York. :)

He is fantastic to watch...I agree :)

Aakriti said...

Heyloz Kunal...its always a pleasure to see u cum back on my blog:) Haan, I have them on my hard disk..will watch them as and when I get time:)thnkies

Sarah malik said...

ohhh no :( u took away my idea! i too have been planning to write a letter to him. I love Leonardo soo soo very much...Good to see someone equally in love with him ( thats simply a gesture of goodwill..m darn jealous right now gal ;))

now wenever i pen up something abut him..u ll be credited and informed..for ur post has been posted first and I m in no mood to be accused of plagiarism :P


Aakriti said...

Hey Sarh: Awww...haha...letters to someone you love shouldn't be planned, they should come spontaneously and that is when they mean much more:)
i don't mind u being jealous at all;) I can be generous u see...he's not just mine ( lol..As if he's mine;)
And no credits to me at all when u write him a'll be b/w you and him..sure u can just tell him I wrote one him too..that's all:)

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