Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Hungry Beast

The Hungry Beast

With charming gestures,
A façade of their own,
He’ll talk you through,
With a dream of his own,
The smoke, the whiff,
The narrow bylanes of his,
Where bosoms are paid,
For being juicy and crisp,
Where the bottles are smashed,
For their passion alone,
The night that awakens,
In dream and in real,
Flashy, blunt outfits,
Coitus so surreal,
Where the hunger of one,
Kills the life of the Other,
The greed that lurks,
In the satyriatic weird,
Audacity, his clothes,
Desperation, he wears,
A sight of a lady, on bed he cheers.

For a beastlike him,
 Satiation no goal,
No air, no water,
It’s the drug he adores.

Every second of the day,
 It’s the bait he awaits,
To trap, to cook, to eat as she matures,
Others in the pond,
Get mad at his sound,
For the love he promised,
Is lacerated into torn clothes..

In a street so wet, gawdy and dark,
A wet dog walks, with,
A sense of ‘being lost’,

No one his own,
No one to own,
On the doors of his heaven,
His life slowly departs.


Zeba said...

Cool, interesting AND thought provoking. Sigh. I am glad I passed by this space.

Kunal said...

yaar..samajhne ki bahut koshish ki...ki bahut kuch upar se nikal gaya :P

Kunal said...

ab samajh aaya...danke for the hint..but..as every poem(almost every poem..) needs some inspiration...I wonder the reason behind this 'hungry beast'!

Aakriti said...

@ Kunal: :):) m glad u understood. haina inspiration...will tell u secretly:)

smiling soul said...

wow! u are really talented :) nice stuff different concept!

Aakriti said...

Hey Souwmya:) hieee...thnk u soo much. and thnks for stoppin by.. would love to have u here often:)

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