Saturday, September 3, 2011

Criticize Me!

Every time my brother says something to me about my writing, it pinches me. Yes. Real hard. Sure, you guys are very kind who always keep appreciating me, and he is the only one after a friend of mine whom I no longer have, who would criticise my style of writing ‘on my face’.
And then it would irk me, for I would always tell him time and again that ‘All you do is simply dislike my stuff’.  

He says he has tried reading my work, but never really liked it, and never ‘really appreciated’ as well. On a positive note, his critique is an appreciation for me. My dad tells me that only a best friend will point you your mistakes, not because they love to, but because they want you to grow.
My brother Aman, writes like a writer. He is far ahead from me when it comes to reading and writing. And though it’s been years since I have been writing, still his writing would any day beat mine.
Is writing about competing? No
Am I jealous of him? No, because I love reading what he writes.

Every time he says “I have written something, would you like to read?” And I excitingly read it thinking at least he is sharing something with me, even if it’s his sci- fi thoughts;)

I have shared with all of you earlier as well, how glad I feel everytime he talks to me, but just that he doesn't talks much.:/

My best friend and her brother are close, and she tells me that he shares quite a lot of stuff with her, and so does her first cousin brother. Maybe growing up with boys, makes you feel like a boy ‘yourself’ coz over the years, either you are treated like one, or you ‘become’ like one, in some or the other ways.
But well, in my case, it’s just a pair of brother and sister.

I still do not know about my style of writing. And unlike him, I do not share my stuff with him, unless he happens to know ‘like always’ what I’m writing about or posting on my blog, even though when he is not following me. I do not share, because he finds my writing too emotional.
And the way he pin points, makes me only very furious which makes me annoyed.

I would want you all to visit his blog. And get a taste of his writing. I’m waiting for the day when he writes a book. Few days back, he shared with an awe inspiring idea of a story he wishes to write. And that has great potential to get published, precisely because I have never come across something like that.
Kudos to my brother! Yes I’m proud of him… But I wonder if I’m proud of myself…today?:/


Subhrashis Adhikari said...

wish him all luck...will sure visit him :)

Aakriti said...

if he gets to know abt this post , I wonder what he'll say. Are brothers meant to exist to say humiliating stuff to their sisters..??:|...I guess the answer is Yes..anyway..thnks!

Unknown said...

Exploring Planet Earth, right!
Sweetie, everyone's style of writing is different, in all aspects, you must not compare your work with anyone but yourself!
And as far as the growing is concerned, yes, your besties are always there to correct you :)

Love, Risha :)

P.S: My blog misses your comments now-a-days :(

Sushmit said...

Oh good; I'll tell Aman about this :P And don't fret, you're not the only one at the receiving end; because Satyam (if you know about him, friend and classmate) receives it much,much worse XD XD

Aakriti said...

@ Sushmit: Heya..thnsk for following my space. this blog space is really small yaar. I mean we have mutual followers. Risha, Aayushi, and Ananya..Aman told me she is a good friend of urs? u'll be reporting my blog reports to "A"-man now:P ..well its just that we had a talk yesterday, and m honestly glad that he is the only one who gives me right thats kinda good. You write well yaar!!

Sushmit said...

Haha yes Ananya knows me right from the 7th standard, so that makes us pretty good friends. Plus she met her boyfriend thanks to me; he's my childhood buddy, so THAT makes her languish eternally in my service XD. Woot! And yes, Aman should drink Sprite, seedhi baat, no bakwaas :P And thanks !! I'm going through your blog now :)

Aakriti said... Aman bina Sprite piye hi 'CLEAR' hai;)

cosmic_wanderer said...

Consider yourself lucky that your brother at least knows that you write.

For me: I don't think anyone from my family even knows that I write or would have read anything written by me.

And your dad is absolutely right. Even I have the same opinion. A true friend/someone who cares is one who has the guts to criticize you to your face and not falsely praise to stay in your Good books.


Aakriti said...

Shrijeet: Aww..Well. if you are staying away from ur family, then I wonder if they knw. My bro sits in my room when I'm writing my blog posts and blogging, so he knws more or less everything, my every move, just that he never says anything. Yes.I agree with my dad too..:)
Nice to have you here:)

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