Saturday, April 9, 2011

One Fine Day

I had a tune in my mind as i wrote these lines, thinking it might turn out to be a song, But some words need to be worked out for it to take a shape of that...may be I'll do that..One Fine Day......:) As of is it:

I’ll leave you behind one fine day,
Yeah one day, one fine day,
I’ll take what was mine, one fine day,
One day, yeah, one fine day,
It was not selfish that I acted, you know my friend,
I gave you to save what was mine,
For years and many days, yes, many many days.

I’ll close my doors one fine day,
I’ll sit in the dark, one fine day,

(Yeah one fine day),
Don’t knock, don’t cry, that day,
Coz I’ll need that time, yes, one day.

My love will be yours that day,
And so will be my smiles (that day),
My calling you out, for years, I’ll say,
My liveliness will be yours, yes yours that day,
Don’t mourn for long, but if you wish, do mourn,
Listen to the songs I loved, that day,
And if your eyes still yearn for me,
See my smiling pictures, that day.

I loved you, yes, in my own way,
If you too did, do tell me that day,
I’ll be there with you for eternity, my friend,
Do live your life, live well, for me in a way!

1 comment:

FirstTimeMother said...

Lovely poem it is... One fine day.. everything will be at its best.. one fine day :)

Nice read !!

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