Sunday, March 27, 2011

wHEN A friend goes off FB...

When a friend goes off FB,
You feel (s)he has gone away,
A virtual world, I understand,
But it’s like a part of you has flown away.

The discussions over silly status updates,
The sarcasm that was coolly thrown,
The ‘pulling of leg’ on bad pictures,
The missing bit when they are no more.

And now my friend,
I’ll miss you dear,
Miss your links,
Miss you sharing your whacky videos,
And FB is where we started,
How I hate to deny this fact,
You’ll be a dear friend,
You know that too,
On FB and it too!


FirstTimeMother said...

Wow ! i wish someone had felt the same for me when i went off for a month from facebook.
cute :)

Aakriti said...

Awww....Well Reich...m sure close frnds must have felt it..sometimes feelings are "just" felt..only to be understood in mere silence:)

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