Thursday, March 10, 2011

My mad mad world

1, I’m soo in love with my college for bestowing upon my strong shoulders all the readings and the work they can think of.
2. Oh!! dude.. this uni I’m studying in is awesome. Really fabulously awesome.. and my class more so awesome!
3. I feel like burning my readings up..but that would only mean my money going down the drain. So this post.ha!
4. I dunno abt philosophical questions, but surely this sem is questioning my very existence of opting to be here in AUD and my awesome roller coaster life!
5. And the best part my uni gives me sooo much time to relax in the world, to love and pamper myself, so that I can sleep all day long, meet my friends and party hard too!! Isn’t it exciting?
6. I smile, I might even be ‘seemingly’ cheerful…but to people out there…this was in short:
You need to be smart enough to understand it!! Or better still come into my uni and ‘experience the self’!!:)

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