Friday, March 4, 2011

How amazing am I??

Well I’m not appreciating myself here, but just thinking, am I amazing? Am I really really amazing? Of course best friends always make you fly high on the 7th heaven, to know the real truth is hard. Very very hard. Well, study philosophy, then you’ll end up going on your own trial of thought ki reality kya hai or truth kya??
Things I can do well:
I can bake nice cakes (but not that great ones)
No I won’t start writing my qualities. Coz this blog post is about
how not amazing I am, not about how amazing I’m!!
Gosh.there are people doing such great stuff, with immense creativity in them. Now the question is “ Should I actually be comparing myself with others?? Should I?” My one part says “NO” coz we all are different beings with our own potentials, who am I to compare how well the other person is doing, even if it is better than me? But the fact is it matters. No matter how much I say it to myself, it does matter :/ And why it matters? Should I blame it on my parents or the society?? Or just simply sing the song “You can put the blame on me……”??
And what do I do? I think ova such vella stuffhuh!! Silly me!!...
Before I write more crazy stuff I think it’s time to stop.
Goshdunno what has happened to me offlate??...Hard to understand. Can we ever understand ourselves? Ever?
On this note

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