Monday, March 14, 2011

To be or NOT to be

This time it all seems very hard.
This time I’m scared, for things the future in stores.
This time though I’m given hope, it all seems a distant dream.
This time, I’m pushing myself way too hard,
To answer the questions which my mind seeks.

This time self- doubt is where I reach,
Every time a hurdle blocks me,
This time, in phases,
I’m acting too pessimistic,
A part may/ may not be of me.

This time
I do not know,
If I wish to pause or really (ahead) go?
This time I wish to cry,
For no one but my ‘self’ , a sigh.

This time, I’m acting so weak,
Those ready to give me strength, which I perhaps seek.
This time the end seems far,
I continue to walk, a taste bitter and sour.
This time, my emotions pull me down,
No matter how I try to recoup,
They laugh at me like a clown,
This time, I wish to fight all odds,
Give me a magic wand, to make this all stop!

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