Friday, January 28, 2011

Season of love

New Year, New Jan, New Feb, New love…oops!! Or maybe old, but a chance to enliven all the lovely memories you spent with your “the one”. The first date, the first “touch”:P (umm…I’m finding it soo cheesy even to write:P) , the first everything( sorry I just can’t go on with it) and then suddenly Boom!!’s not a blast of sorts, it is just that the precious one day of February kind of makes the “reality” sink in the boyfriend’s head that he got to spend a good amount of his money on his darling girlfriend!!

Well, the matters get different, if the girl does understand, and is not of materialistic types, who’ll judge the guy by the expensive gifts he buys for her. But well, still, he just cannot do away with NOT buying anything, because ‘some’ expectations are always there.

I just don’t understand this whole point of celebrating a week of love before the 14th of Feb. Why? It wasn’t that girls didn’t or never ate chocolates before that never saw flowers or teddies or got hugs before those days?? All I can think of is that it only adds a “material” element to something as pure as love.

In fact I completely agree that this Valentine’s Day is just soooooo over-rated and over-hyped. All it has become of now is a money- making event. Well for that matter all other days too. But this one just gets too much.

And well, who said this day was only for the romantic couples? Being a single, or maybe just another person on this earth, I think it includes everyone whom we love. Studying Psychoanalysis, I’m wondering if my unconscious is at present using a defense mechanism to make myself feel better:P..Well..if it is…then good, and even if not, as if I care?

Sigh……why do we have this day? Not that we had had enough of velle wannabes hanging around checking out their potential wannabes! And now this day! What makes it worse are the radio stations which start playing luuuurv songs and like a politician start declaring that the “V-DAY” is here ( only difference that for politicians it’s the voting day;). You get so tired of the songs, it makes you feel bad:(…and…sad…:(

If you have someone special in life, then have a “luuuurv-ly” day, and if you are single then well pamper yourself, tell those closed to you how much you love them, and yes like I did last year, make personalized stuff for them!!

Ok …CiaoJ

PS: if you detest PDA like I do, kripya ghar ke andar rahein, bahaar khule aam bahut si bekar harkatein ho rahi hoti hain!! unless you wanna watch a free show;)

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shruti said...

i find it hilarious... Aakriti its a display of affection i know.. but kabhi kabhi display bhe chalta h yaar... kaunsa pure saal display karte hain..

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