Thursday, January 20, 2011


The vacuum inside me,

I feel so blank and ignored,

The life around me,

Moves fast, a long way to go.

The love that calls me,

Is pure, romantic, but empty,

A voice that beckons me,

A happy transient fantasy.

I’ll go back in an era,

Or a cave of sheer darkness,

That which enlivens my spirit,

My soul, my spirit, my identity.

And if you ever wonder,

Or perhaps, out of care, concern,

Let me be in that space of mine,

Where silence speaks than be taciturn.


littleheartofgrace said...

so deep my dear...jus hang in there me I've been there and the only comfort i get is from the heavenly grounds from God :)
keep writin..


Aakriti said...

Hey Suzi...thnk u soo much. I'm soo glad to see your comment here. Life indeed is a beautiful gift, every moment a magical one, offering some thing new to learn:)

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