Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All for my love……

Before you start cooking and frying the ingredients of your thoughts, let me clear all the airs in your head. No, really!! Don’t worry, the day I shall fall in ‘that’ kind of love, you’ll know it for sure…umm, or perhaps may be not!!!;)..You see ‘mystery is what keeps the flame alive’!!:)

Ever since my blog got a makeover, I feel as if I’ve had one too; though in which way, it’s hard to point out. But I do feel alive, in ‘love’ and ecstatic.

Had my blog been a person, I would have hugged her soooooo tightly, given her ‘puchhhhis’, shopped for her, would make personalized gifts for her, the way I treat my special friends! But the fact is that it’s all ‘virtual’. However, this virtuality in no ways brings my spirit down, coz I do have real and best friends to share my life stories with, in addition I have a ‘tangible’ friend, my diary named HOPE!!:)

All this and many more special moments which happen on a daily basis keep my spirit alive.

I dunno, if you noticed or not, why I chose to call my blog ‘her’ and not ‘him’. This came as a tiny miny surprise to me too. On a second thought may be coz I’d like that him to be ‘real’ and not virtual!! (Yeah….you see..You can make all the ‘Oooh!! Aah!!’ noises if you want to now;)

I’ll try not to digress, for I do tend to with the umpteen numbers of links that start to form once I start writing.

To my love…..perhaps my very first. ( it’s not my blog:p….it’s something else! I haven’t yet revealed it, and what made you so sure?:)

Your power, oh! So magical,

It makes me on seventh heaven sway,

Your beauty, so breath-taking,

It takes my heart away,

Your love for me knows no bounds,

You seem right here, even if far away,

Just be here, listen as you do,

For my love reaches you in every way!!


shruti said...

:D :D :D

shruti said...

aaaahhhhhh ;) ;)

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