Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hey you there...;)

This is my first ever attempt to write a song. And while I have no clue of the part and the rules one keeps in mind to write one, all I know is that it’s a fun song, a song which goes out to the guys out there from a girl, who is looking for her soul mate. She is no princess, she is no queen. She is an ordinary girl, with her beautiful fantastic dreams. She wants a guy who loves her with everything pure, a guy whom she just wishes to live with, a guy who is fun, yet mature!!

Hey you there,
Yes, you, I’ m talking to,
It might be sad, but,
I’m not like the other girls,
Men usually woo,
It’ll be hard to know me through,
Coz well, to find a diamond, you got work to do!

Hey you there,
Yes, you whom I’m eying at,
I thought, you’ll get the signs,
But at directions, you seem bad,
Don’t worry; it’s a lot more than that,
A bit history, biology and some chemistry pracs,
Learn some, do some, and just get the right facts!

Girls aren’t all the same,
I’m sure you know it all,
Some just choose to be different,
Not fitting in a clich├ęd set of balls,
And well, the one who hits the shot,
Indeed wins a jackpot,
The pleasure of a good win, in which he is caught!

Hey you there,
You got brains to use,
Looks, and softness and something to amuse
While luck is not all that you need,
Buck up yourself, no, not for the greed,
A moment of magic, and life worth to live,
With a girl of your dreams, a life so splendid!


Unknown said...

amazing :)
loved it <3

shriya said...

splendid job ! loved the attitude ! It says it all! :) :)
p.s. : one of ur best creations so far !

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