Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Re- bound Effect

A light talk, a little humour,

A warm smile, tossed with naughtiness,

A dash of care, with spoonfuls of share,

The unspoken sweetness,

Which makes you an addict.

For too much sweet is bad for health,

Haywires the whole system,

Later hard to mend,

Slowly the bitterness creeps in,

An unusual taste not easy to tell!

Then you wonder “what happened?”

Was it the chef, the sugar or the look?

That tempted you so badly,

No self- control, you got hooked!

Sweetness gets hurt when turned sour,

Creating an aversion, you walk afar,

Sad, if desserts no more tempt you,

Seemingly extravagant, they can’t woo you!

Perhaps in future you’d like to be aware,

Of the food you taste, plain or layered,

If by chance, you happen to like,

You may wish for more,

But back out ‘cause of fright.

The less the better for you and me,

If we wish to stay happy and healthy!


gunjan said...


Aakriti said...

Thanks Gunjan!!!:)mwah

shriya said...

really liked dis one dear :)

Aakriti said...

Vielen Danke sugarplum!!:)

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