Thursday, October 21, 2010

foodie's DELIGHT;)

Dear All...

For quite sometime I 've been getting tempted, lured, and called for?Well, not that I'm in GREAT DEMAND, but it's the food bloggers and the way they write, the way they cook and the way they share their wonderful, scintillating recipes that makes me crave to take a bite into that soft delicious looking Tibetan momos, or dig into the sinful Pastry cake or chocolate cake, or for a change go to the kitchen and make myself a healthy salad!!!! wow!!What a feel do our taste buds get when they are pampered.They bless us even more than anyone could by asking for more heavenly bites of, be it kadhai chicken or kabab rolls!!

My love for food knows no bounds, and considering the way I have been feeling and thinking for quite some time, I have a feeling I might start a new food blog of mine! but that will be too much work!
I'm ready to do that bit if people are ready to be my fan even before I start;)

I, personally am not too great a cook, but loooooove to cook, to go through recipes, to imagine cooking such beautiful delicacies which people cannot stop raving about.

ONE OF MY FAVORITES IS "PANEER" or cheese as you call it.And I SIMPLY LOVE experimenting with paneer. Till now I HAVE COOKED paneer bhurji (which is quite easy to cook), kadhai paneer, creamy rich paneer, paneer-tikka-kind of paneer!
One evening, when guests had to come over at our place for dinner, and mom wasn't too well, I went ahead and somehow managed to make a complete dinner including my favorite creamy rich paneer. To my surprise, there was nothing left for me and my mom to have later:P...and considering the fact that I both love making and eating paneer, I was startled. But my happiness knew no bounds.

Anyone who loves to cook would agree with me, that the best ever compliment you can get without even a word being said to you is when there is actually "NOTHING" left for you!!haha:D

Another best spice which I love in the kitchen and consider it as a must have is OREGANO. This Italian herb is magical in itself. The way it transforms a boring recipe into something delicious and tasty is something I admire about.I have added oregano in pizzas, pastas, macaroni, omlettes,and sandwiches and TILL DATE, it has never ever disappointed my 'always-like-being-pampered taste buds'.

Before I end today let me share what all do I LOVE TO EAT:
2. SUBS ( they are just so healthy, delicious and give you a refreshing feeling with every bite that you take:D)
5. MIXED VEGETABLE KI SUBZI (I simply love the colorful looking veggies and the way they blend with each other to give you a beautiful taste, have it with curd and roti...yummm)
6. MOMOS (chicken momos, and QD'S (if u are in Delhi) CHICKEN TANDOORI MOMOS-makes you go to heaven even before u actually wish to;)
8. GOBHI KE PARANTHAS- the way my mom makes them.typical PUNJABI STYLE. big, huge and heavy. With the butter melting on top,I sit in the balcony on a nice sunny winter morning,AND VOILA!! what a breakfast!
9.HYDERABADI CHICKEN BIRYANI- This is one recipe to fall for, and what I have heard, if one really wants to make an authentic biryani, it takes not less than 2 hours.Someday I will achieve this feat too:)
10.Finally....nothing can beat the prashad we hindus make on the day of Ashtami, after the navratras- puri, chole and halwa!!- A treat in itself!!:)

If i do not stop right here I might even start writing a list of MY FAV desserts. Perhaps in the next post!!
till then
keep eating. keep living!!!


gunjan said...


Aakriti said...

awww...well wait till I start cooking and experimenting some new things!!ok??:):) thankkkkkuuuu:)

One Life. Many Moments. said...

WHY DINT I EVR GO THRU THIS BEFORE. Oh god, i am a foodie too. BIG TYM, and i love this post. I am sooooooooooooo craving for Momo's now.

Aakriti said...

ummm..:P I dunno..u were busy doing other good things in life..that this good thing got ignored as well...:P...and now it feels great that u came here:D love ya too:)

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