Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The sound of MUSIC

The words of this poem came naturally to me when I was hearing this song " Do nishaniyan" from the movie Jhootha hi Sahi.Songs have immense power. They stir your emotions in ways one can never think of. So here it goes.....:)

This music, these words talk to me,

Not just the ‘surface’ that you see,

But, a lot more, that lies in deep,

The feelings it evokes in me,

Are hard to explain, as I focus on the ‘feel’,

The music that dances like a fountain,

The colors that paint the canvas,

The song that makes me at ease,

A lullaby, so musical, worth so much,

The voice of the singer, I would like to kiss,

The love, the pain, I hear as he sings,

The flute, the violin, the piano, and me,

I close my eyes, and enter a well-lit garden,

Where I imagine my beloved and the music as a gift,

No words spoken, nor do I hear,

All I feel is the musical love in the air!

And had I been deaf, I wonder,

What would make me dance, make me feel

The way I do as I now hear!

So often it’s the singer we appreciate,

Forgetting those who made the song,

Each instrument, each musician, I see,

Puts his soul in the work I hear as I feel,

And now that these instruments are a part of “me”,

I’ll explore myself in this serenity!!


Unknown said...

"So often it’s the singer we appreciate,
Forgetting those who made the song,"
great lines! comes ever so close to exploring the true attributes of an ideal musician.
great piece. brings out the importance of perspective in music...

gunjan said...

Like it..!!!

Aakriti said...

Thank you Sam and Gunjan:)

Ryan said...

This is beautiful!


Anonymous said...

such a beautiful rendition, just flows you with the imagination as all the instruments are humming your heart and you disappear to other world.

fabulously written.. :)

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