Monday, September 13, 2010

Language and Pain

There are times when you need not speak,

For your words would not do the justice,

I do know you are hurt beyond measures,

As you close your eyes and simply feel it.

My awareness of your pain,

Does least to come to you,

My heart knows too many ‘facts’,

Myself, a guise, you may think is true.

I do not understand, nor will, if I try,

For the pain that burns your wound,

Igniting the moments of time,

Is a part of your body and mind.

And I ‘m not a heartless soul,

‘Coz I twinge to see you cry,

But this time I’ll keep a distance,

As I want you to really try.

Feel what you ‘feel’ within,

The tears that wash away the fears,

The gorges that the damage formed,

Go in and sleep my dear!

Be with your ‘self’ and love,

The pain that you try to speak,

For the knowledge will open the doors,

The ones locked inside, behind your outer sheath.

I say this because I realized, that,

Words sometimes are like tubes,

Filled with so much, yet hollow at the ends,

It’s alright if you be quiet,

And sway like sand dunes.

This elusive ache will be prolific,

Time will help you know,

Let your tears do the speaking,

For no words can in any way, the pain show!


Unknown said...

thank you...
it is really really nice.

gunjan said...

you knw wat...
its feels so familiar...!!
as if written fr me...!!
lov ya..!!

Aakriti said...

@sam: my pleasure!!!:)
@gunjan: my glad u like dear!!:)

-- said...

Incredibly BEAUTIFUL! What an amazing talent you possess, dear Aakriti :)

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