Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pure at Heart

Just as I was about to add Boost in my milk, something made me stop, it was like a voice (inside me) which told me to have the milk in its pure form- nice and hot, without sugar or any other additives. I had the pure and the plain milk, it tasted delicious, and thanks to that moment, I got a topic to write!

Sometimes the best deals one can get can be in a ‘raw’ form. Now whether they are fruits (like the crispness and the sweetness of a beautiful red apple or the softness of the tender banana or the juiciness of cute round tomatoes) or vegetables (the bitterness of a bitter gourd, the freshness of the cool cucumber) or human expressions and emotions, the raw ones are the most fresh and the purest ones of all. Nothing can beat the richness and the quality of the heart fresh (like we use ‘oven fresh’) emotions and feelings!

I talk here about all the feelings ranging on a continuum from the bad ones to the good ones. In that way, one gets to see the pure expression of falling in love on one end, and on the other we might get to see intense hatred and disgust of the person towards another. Nothing matters as long as the emotions are ‘pure’; not mixed with sediments of ‘fakeness’ or not discoloured by dust particles of ‘modifications’.

But, it is not easy tasting ‘pure’ and ‘raw’ every time, for some people not even once. The mere reason being that we all are so used to tasting the cooked, baked, fried, grilled form of feelings, emotions, that the raw ones taste bland. So, even if they are presented to us right from ‘heart fresh farm’, either they are not acknowledged, or if they are, they are sent to the kitchen of the mind to be cooked in order to make them edible!

Well, whatever be the case, we need to understand the value of the ‘raw’. For if there would be no raw, there would be no cooked too! What would you feed your heart and mind? Blankness? No thoughts to think about, no emotions to feel for?

In today’s world while everyone talks about ‘organic’, they might as well apply in here too. We want to become healthy, we want to be fit too, but what’s the use of it all, if you discard the old and ‘pure’ (feelings and emotions) in order to create space for the new?

Genuinely expressed feelings, emotions, desires and wants, which too in their purest form have become a cuisine which people used to feed on at one point of time. But amidst the hustle bustle of making new cuisines a taste of our hearts and minds, there still are some few chefs in this world who deliver, to you ,‘heart fresh’ food for your mind and heart , from one heart to another. And I have tasted that pure, fresh, aromatic, rich flavour of it- It lingers on, and unlike other foods, instead of making you crave for it; it makes you appreciate the goodness of that chef’s kitchen and heart!

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