Sunday, September 19, 2010

Live from the headquarters


This is “me” reporting from Aakriti Malik’s B.R.A.IN. Headquarters where a lot of recent activities have led to a mental shock of an absurd kind to all the other small agencies which work under it. It seems as if the time has come to a standstill!

Here I am asking her what this whole chaos is all about.

Q. Ma’am, what happened to “You” all of a sudden, how do you happen to feel that time has stopped?

A. Well, I happened to go on facebook, and see the pictures of a batch mate of mine from school, who has recently got married, that is no less than a shock to me! I was confused whether to feel happy or sad for the girl. And I was left with no option but to vent all my shock and feelings to this best friend of mine, and phew....I feel so much better now, but still I’m in a daze!

Q. Ma’am, but why such a strong reaction, marriages keep happening right?

A. Are you kidding me? I mean no offense sweetheart, but marriage at the age of 21!!!!!??? And seeing a batch mate of yours is getting married is even more surprising! Well, there is so much in life to do than to get married. But that does not mean I totally detest it! But dear, let’s be practical, this is 21st century and we are far far ahead than what the world used to be. At least I’m glad of the fact that my parents are open minded. And though I know that they might have started saving money and now even so more, for my marriage, but I don’t feel any pressure, and the day I do feel, I have that much space to express too. In short- I’m lucky to have been born to such wonderful parents!

Q. When do you have plans of getting married?

A. Oh! I so wish if you hadn’t popped up this clichéd question to me. But now that you have asked I’ll tell you, the answer to this question lies in the above answer. Go play dear, hunt for the answer, you might just find it! And if you don’t, then come back to me!

Q. OK. What if I say I don’t wish to play and want you to tell me the answer directly?

A. Hmm.. Well then, here you go. Marriage to me right now seems a joke, I laugh at it and don’t even think of it. To me, at present, the numbers (age) which are getting added to my life each year seem kind of weird too. Why, if you ask, it’s because, I feel like a sixteen- seventeen year old girl, who wants to live life, chase her dreams, and reach her goals, soar high like an eagle and dance like I’ve never had.

It is a very mature decision to marry someone. I think, and for that to happen, one needs to be independent, self-sufficient, be mature in ways that I can tell you only when I reach that stage! So for now, all I want is to have fun with my girly gang, live life happily and pursue my dreams!!

Byez...The headquarters are now operational!

So you heard it right from the girl herself, all’s well now, the shock has been well absorbed and the network is functioning well again!!

This is “me” reporting; see you again in times of emergency!



gunjan said...


Unknown said...

well. i kinda disagree with ur views abt marriage.

Aakriti said...

gunjaaaaaaan- love, finally u commented..m delighted to see ur comment ..mwah

@sam-"e" - first of all.. this was very casually written. and sam, these are "my" views (for the time being, & yup.i don't mean to be rude), the state of mind and the situation, only my fellow school mates can understand.and yes, as far as a real talk abt marriage goes, I do have a lot to say, but will keep it for some other time!!

Unknown said...

hmmm, am i denying your views?
Am I saying they are wrong?
You wrote your ideas in one whole post;
and i did the same, with a comment.
its "my" view too, yaar.
I disagree; but that doesnt mean that either of us are wrong!

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