Thursday, September 30, 2010


Sometimes some strangers become a part of our life as FRIENDS, only to make us feel as if they've always been around!!!:)

Don’t you talk to me,

For I might not get over your humor,

Don’t you share your thoughts,

For I might reflect over them a lot,

Don’t you be so warm and friendly,

I may not find another friend like you!

And as you do what you do,

The words which you speak

The tingling sensation to which they lead,

A smile adorns my face,

Eyes which gleam, by your grace,

The love that you shower unknowingly,

The facts and knowledge, we exchange, desperately,

All that we’ve shared and yet to do,

Reflecting the bright colors and the dark ones too,

You are unique, you know that too,

Beautiful people need appreciation,

You don’t mind? Do you?


Unknown said...

well, wow...
this is ur best work yet, acc to me.
thank you. its beautiful...
all i can say is just... thank you...

shriya said...

nyccccc aint enuf a compliment for this one :)

Aakriti said...

thnk u soo much Shriya!!:):)

Unknown said...

wowwww :D

Hope said...

@ Ginni: awww..thnks so much for taking out time to read and appreciate it:)

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