Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Every time I look at my 'last published' column, I just realize that the gaps between the posts always increase. As we grow, a time comes when we start to keep things within and filtering them in our mind than just blabbering out any nonsense to the world. I'm also beginning to realize, thanks to the recent movies I have watched about internet and its impact on our personal lives , that we barely know the internet. In other words, there's so much at the background than at the forefront. So, its wiser to filter before we put anything out there....

Speaking of that, its been six blissful months since I have been away from FB and trust me there's a lot less junk in the mind that would earlier get generated with the mindless scrolling and peeking into other people's life. 

Here's something I penned down today and wished to share.......


The time has settled in
Like water that seeps into
The pores of a cool earthen pot
With years the changes have settled
The earlier murk
Now clearer waters.

The stillness is coming closer
The vision is calmer and brighter
For change has happened with-in
And can be clearly seen
As bygones.

As I see myself in the mirror
Or look back at pictures of the yesteryears
I say: So much has evolved
Yet so much stays the same
Dear Beautiful me, you are loved
Grace be yours and gratitude forever.

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