Monday, May 22, 2017

The Teach(er) ing diaries

The Teach(er) ing diaries

AB-SO-LUTELY love this pic:) with my students!:)
It’s been almost three months since I started working as a lecturer (full time) in a university here in Malaysia. I have to admit, it’s been a wonderful experience so far, interacting with students, sharing my knowledge with them, reading research papers on how to teach college students and learning about teaching from the feedback given by students. 

I’ve learnt, that:

  • ·        Students have big hearts. They are so forgiving, or perhaps they can be forgiving once we show our humane side to them.
  • ·        It takes enthusiasm, excitement and immense passion to be teacher: Because I possess all of these traits, my students end up catching some of these traits and can be seen as excited to attend my classes.
  • ·        What we value can easily be passed on to the next generation, no matter what the age, what matters are the ways we communicate it to them.
  • ·        Being kind, loving and giving always wins their hearts and make the student- teacher bond a stronger one.
  • ·        Being non-judgmental helps in seeing a student for who they are, sans stereotypes, family backgrounds, looks
  • ·        Giving students corrective feedback and expressing one’s wish for the betterment of the student often gives them the confidence to do better, even if it is just for the teacher.
  • ·        Reinforcement is a great tool to modify behaviours
  • ·        Being assertive and firm helps, even if students who are not used to a teacher being strict, they eventually mould, if the intentions are right.
  • ·        Peer tutoring is a great way to make peers bond and help students, because some topics are better learnt with friends!
  • ·        As a teacher we are constantly scanned and x-rayed in and out, so we better love ourselves for who we are, as it shows and sparkles.
  • ·        No gift is more precious than students making an effort to attend your class.
  • ·        Every kid has a story or many stories which a teacher is often not aware of, so why they are behaving the way they do, stems a lot from there. We have no right to comment on anything till we know their story.

That’s all for now…..Got a loooong way to go…..

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