Friday, May 27, 2016

When "being" speaks to you ...

“Sometimes the choices we make do not speak of the rebellion we’ve been fighting with others at the surface level; they speak of having the knowledge we’ve always had, just that the enlightenment seems too blinding”

When one is used to “doing” all their life, “being” doesn’t comes so naturally. It calls for unlearning all the language you spent hours mastering and then expecting to forget it and start afresh. Additionally “being”, like always, never expects, it simply accepts and that is what it calls forth from within-you. That, my friend, is the most difficult part. It’s that part of you which whispers to you in your busiest of times and you very easily chide it off, like a fly which just interfered at the sight of your gorgeous meal. Yet, even as you choose to make it invisible, it stands there, waiting, not like a fly, but like a saint, for that’s what it knows. “Being” knows that it’s difficult for you to unlearn, to undo all that which the society expects you to do and follow. It accepts that unlearning shall take time, maybe even if it’s this lifetime. It accepts that there shall be innumerable falls than wins. It also knows that it takes true courage and determination to take a little look towards it because carving one’s own path requires passion, patience and valour. It knows you have all that in you, for if it was not the case, you wouldn’t have even talked about “being” that many times today. “Being” knows how you melt your self with the music of Piano Guys as you write this post; it knows how you saw the milk twirling with tea leaves into that pot of tea you made for yourself; it knows how amazed you were with the omelette you cooked for yourself which looked like one gorgeous delight, ready to dig your teeth into. It knows all this and more. It knows it’s not a fly to you, it’s a part of your conscious which as a matter of fact you often hide for reasons you are certainly not responsible. It often wonders why you embrace it and then leave it now and then. It ponders in your presence and also your absence. It’s there. Always. It knows how overwhelming it is for you. It’s alright. Sometimes we learn dysfunctional ways of adapting or governing in the environments that only bring pain; what’s more disconcerting is the knowledge of our whereabouts. It seems we cannot do anything about them, the truth is we can. All that we do need to do is to ‘try’ our ways out of those lessons which are now our habits. As they say, knowing is the first step. Maybe, just maybe, it’s okay to “let go” and simply “Be” because heavens have never fallen and neither will they unless we allow them to!

Happy Weekend Vanilla People!:)

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D said...

Hey Aakriti... how you doing? Great to see that you are still blogging. Dunno if you will remember but I am Dee (deeviations blog) I used to be a part of the blogosphere and we used to love following each other's blog. Now I am back to blogging after a long long break and was just checking out all the old blogs i used to love. While many have stopped.. great to see you are still going on strong. All the very best!!! :)

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