Friday, May 20, 2016

As Time walks by...

 The clothes are done in the washing machine, waiting for me to open and be dried as if autumn was here. The vegetables lie packed in the fridge waiting to be chopped only to turn into something delicious. Ah! The pain of the knife. Don’t we all get a little chopped and scarred to turn into better versions of ourselves? The sitcoms on the laptop wait no more to be watched. In fact they know that the bored newly married girl shall reach out to them for escape. However, for now she resorted to her love; that which all began some 6 years back. Wow! Yarn of Words has come with age, hasn’t it? It keeps knitting something beautiful every now and then. It knows that people come by and read but it always cringes at the thought “Are they so busy not to leave a word here?” and then Ms. Owner thinks “Well, I’m busy with my life to visit other blogs, so….” The Yarn gets going to mind its own business.
There are times when we have a lot to keep ourselves occupied with, yet we crib and cry coz we just do not feel like walking upto it and owning ourselves to it. We simply keep waiting for the work or the task to come to us. Question: Does it ever come to us? NO! It never will! For instance, yesterday when I was struck by cold and feeling all low in the dungeons, I had to rise above that dreary state and tell myself “Wake up, you are not dying! It’s just a cold!” (as if it’s just a cold?!). Few minutes have passed since I shook myself up to change the state of my mind. Oh yeah, you see it was all gaseous awhile back and now it’s flowy and it feels much better   ( kindly bear as I rant)
I just started with a 100days of art challenge today where everyday I shall be giving myself some prompts to make some art. Today I picked up a random song, it was Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself (with lyrics). The challenge was to draw as I listened to the song. I think I did a good job with the colours and the symbols. Go ahead, listen and soak yourself with the art if you can!:)


Mrs. Aakriti (Kunal, yeah from Hausle Buland:D)

P.S: I'm gearing up myself for some writing everyday
P.P.S: As I finish writing this post I recall some words by some one; it meant there are too many things to do in life to get bored. So..I'll!

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Anonymous said...

keep it up.

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