Thursday, May 7, 2015

Of Sands and Smiles

The footprints are still damp and sticky
The smell of salt twirls the crispness of that salad
The hat flaunts along the rays of sun
The colours burst in their beachy attire
The shade of the café brings relief
Aroma of croissant melting with vanilla cream
The beer bubbles by that pasta of yours
The nonchalance of work left over
Coz they asked us to ‘give time a break’.

The morning shower drips through your hair
The coastline breeze takes it away
The sun looks like a dot
Until the rays boast their mighty ways
The blue waters lure the hearts
To take a bath in the waves
The heart dances with joyous smiles
The skin loves how the waters behave.

The moon kisses the night blanket
With stars that gleam their love
The potato fries are fondly remembered    
And the feet get tired of walking
The lips sip on masala tea
With sweet silences and lazy talking
The running around, our hallmark
For how long could we be walking?


Unknown said...

Ah, this is beautiful di.

Aakriti said...

Thanks a lot dear:)

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