Friday, August 1, 2014

That moment when you hear the song you once cried on…..

That moment when you hear the song you once cried on…..

Beauty isn’t just all happiness and elation.

Beauty, solace, is also the tears, the sadness, the kohl that was washed from your eyes once upon a time by droplets filled with salt. It’s like a sole and soul journey on a bus at night where the chilly city breeze enters your bones; even as you have a jacket to cover yourself, you let the breeze “chill” you. Deep down the exhilaration of that past moment comes by like a flash. Only this time, there are no salty drops, but a small sweet smile. The smile speaks of the hours that turned into days and that which are now counted as years. That smile speaks of the perseverance, the strength which took you to get where you are today.
In two words: It’s bliss

Woh ratein who seher
Woh sukoon ke peher
Bhool jayenge hum
Bhoolein kyun hum magar
Jeeye jao jo tum
Jeeye jayenge hum
Today, is…

 To the hurdles crossed
To the walks after falls
To the tears cleaned
To the will to last

Today…is to the present developed by past

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Bikram said...

and also it is to tell the future that you are ready to Take it on ..

loved the article


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