Thursday, August 22, 2013

What it takes to keep writing even as no one ever comes by

A choke in my throat
Perhaps a little tear stuck by
For the words would often be read
Sometimes by friends, more so by passers by
Time went by hopping to blogs
Words here and there, but never a lie
Some friendships were formed
Few for a while
Others faded, like a cloud passing by
And there were phases
Of posts after posts
And then a silence, a blankness for a while
And there was this one avid reader
The one I love
My posts would be viewed
Sweetly, from those miles
And I would often share this feeling
A vacuum of sorts
And he would simply say
“You write from heart, as others for the piles”
Yet this heart would wonder
Feel that ache and pinch
Words, my first love knew
Would offer sweet smiles and winks
And as this yarn keeps spinning
The yard stays vacant all day
And a few beautiful souls drop by
And appreciate the existence of this place
The dreams then flutter its wings
For well, some true ones say ‘worry why?’
Some hearts still get touched and feel
And relate to the words written by………….


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