Sunday, May 12, 2013

Today is Good

Today is Good

Dear ‘Twoday’,
I thank to you for…
The lil drops called rain,
The wet earth that smells warm,
The smiles that traverse miles,
The ‘missing feeling’ that melts hearts,
The witty students that light up a teacher’s day,
That beautiful smile which looks good on my mum’s face,
The blessings which my dad gives from his heart,
The ‘names’ my brother has called me all these years,
The way my school friends still remember me,
The clouds that feel lighter after many years,
The peace that resides in this heart,
The spirit that ignites the dreams to nurture,
The seconds that make this day a delight,
And for that ‘two-getherness’ I find with those special people,
To you ‘Two-day’, my gratitude

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