Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Six Word Saturday

Ah…started with poems, then haiku and now down to six mere words!
Joining up at Siz word Saturdays for the first time at :

This week’s words are:

Calligraphy. Postcards. Friends. Love.Happiness.Words
All these years I was looking forward to learn Calligraphy, finally I shall be doing so this week. Secondly, it had been a while since I was active on postcrossing.com: a website where you send and receive postcards from random people across the world! It’s fun, glad to be active again!
Glad to have wonderful pals around, their smiles, happiness, love and best wishes means the world to me.
Lastly, I was missing blogging for months and that touch we get by being active. Glad to be writing again. This bloghop is a booster to revive my writing spirit!! Looking forward to more such six word Saturdays.

This is lovely postcard I received last year from a postcrosser from Brussels,
Her Calligraphy simply bowled me!:) Postcrossing is full of surprises:)

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