Friday, February 10, 2012


Yellows......This week's prompt at HaikuHeights   was given none other than me!!!:):) It's


Sans words sans voice, you
Pump this heart of mine; how do you
Flow this way my dear


Kalyan Panja said...

lovely words... beautifully can almost feel these lines!

Anonymous said...

Amazing the results of music ~~ thank you for sharing your view.

Grace said...

I like that first line...very catchy music in your words ~

Ayushi said...

I don't understand how do you put so much in such little words.
Its beautiful :)

-- said...

Hola Akriti!!

SO happy that my first contribution to Haiku Heights was in a category that you suggested! I LOVE yours especially the 'sans' parts ~ so true! Thanks for coming over to check mine out ~ guess we were both thinking strings ;)

Your blog is looking SO gorgeous ~ lovely new makeover! So, Yarn of Words is now Cupfull of Words . . . wonderful! {|:-)

-- said...

Scratch the comment about Yarn ha ha! Your blog is still named Yarn of Words :D

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