Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy February!!

Hola!!! always happens with me. Just when I say no, I make a comeback:P 
Alright….there is something February does to you. Here’s my list:
·       No matter how much couchi coo is happening around, the romantic movies make you melt like a dripping chocolate on that brownie.
·       No matter how much you hate these very movies for being so perfect, you still say “aww”, still cry on sweet gestures, still dream of that adorable, to fall for guy, one who is  somewhere as you watch that lovely movie.
·       Yes it’s the season of the pinks, the reds, and the hearts, and the wannabes that come along too, but there is no denying that this season brings hope as much as it brings a lil sadness too ( for those who don’t still have that one):P
·       The piano, the violin, the symphony somehow sounds more musical. More than ever.
·       At times you just wish that your life could turn into that of the dazzling protagonist in the arms of that guy. Just for once?? No harm right??;)
·       The cheesiness gets too much, and I’ m well aware of the fact that its getting dollops of cheesy here too, but I don’t care. This life is to live and to love, and yeah love love love….
I won’t touch the but just yet…..coz at times it’s good to be merry and not bring the butts of buts;)!!

And before you end...I have a lovely piece to share. Listen to this:) Tell me if it makes you fall in love;)??

Happy February!!~ As the newspaper says : The month of love:P

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Happy February to you too!! I am doing well! How are you doing? Hope the romantic month is going as it should be :)

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