Wednesday, February 29, 2012

May it Be..

May it be the shadows call,
Will fly away,
May it be a journey of,
To light the day,
When the night is overcome,
You may rise to find the sun……….
Morni ye…..Utuli….ye…
Believe that you will find your way……
The Acoustic Guitar strums in my ears. Lovely happy notes..And then I imagine Gerard Butler singing:
I just want to see you,
When you are all alone,
I just want to,
Catch you if I can,
I just want to be there,
When the morning light explodes….
I can’t escape……
I love you till the endJ
Sigh…. Enya, thank you for singing the way you do. I admire the echo effect you create. It creates a bright peaceful aura around me.
And Gerard…Ah! I loved you in P.S.I love you.
There are times when we cage ourselves in work. I do so, more often than not. So, I’ll sit in the same room the whole day, then hold my head for getting so heavy as readings of Hysteria and Depressive Patients call me to enter their gates, the one where Freud, McWilliams chant their experience with their patients.
Am I worthy of being a therapist? Well, I do hope.
Will I be able to complete my dissertation with flying colours? Umm..Should be able to!
Why the hell do I procrastinate? :x
As my skin began to fold encompassing anxiety in its pores, my head ached. Mind all disturbed, as I thought and wondered how the hell I will traverse the moments which lie in front of me. And here was my friend telling me that some of my classmates had already begun to decide the sari they would be wearing on farewell! I smirked, thinking “Completing my last sem to the best of my ability would be enough for me!”
It’s been a while since I danced. Perhaps activities like baking and dancing have come to fill only my happy moments! This is not to say I’m sad at the moment. But a wish to be reticent surely enwraps me!
The future lies in front of me calling me to burn the midnight’s oil! I so miss my board days; when I was imbued in my Macro and Micro Economics questions. When I would ‘sit and study’ (it has almost become a joke now!) in my lamp’s light on my study table!
Thank you Enya, once again!
May it be an evening star,
Shien star upon you,
May it be when darkness falls,
Your heart will be true,
You walk a lonely road,
Oh! how far you are from home…….
Believe and you will find your way……

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Saumya Kulshreshtha said...

I saw my photo as a thumbnail of the recommended reads below this post. Felt warm, thanks for that wonderful post, once again!

And you will complete your dissertation with flying colors. I am sure. Worry not!

All the best!

Sagittarian said...

Thanks for this post, great..:) passing by to greet..:)Blessed day!:)

Kunal said...

Its always when we just have to study hard and burn midnight oils...that this procrastination hits big time. worry karne ka nahi hai....last mein sab fit baith jaata hai...par haan....Gerard Butler ki movie dekh kar to hamesha fit nahi baithega.. :P

I know you will complete your dissertation with flying colors and I know you will be a good therapist. And I also know that you will wear a sari on your farewell. :-)

Dear Frankie...seen this..?

Bikram said...

I am sure in the end it all ends up well ..

and if we look carefully their is always a way to attain what we want to ..
all the best
and take care


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