Monday, August 15, 2011

Petals of Rose…

Petals of Rose

This short story has been continued from here. Read this before you come here.!

Having felt ‘purely’ beautiful with no exquisiteness attached to the feeling, she went every day looking forward to see him. His cute smile didn’t mean much to her, but that she only realised later, in a way she herself couldn’t settle for.

In between  between the ‘professional topic related convos’ they had, he would at times talk about himself and this just made her wonder why he told her those things. Yet she would simply listen to him and feel glad that he thought of sharing.

Unlike the first instance, when she had deleted his number after saving it, this time she got his email id, in fact he himself mailed a soft copy of a book to her. But in between all this something started diminishing…

It kind of became a routine, she didn’t think of it as monotonous though, because he in fact helped her in a sweet way, making her walk to a place where she was scared to go, and that day she was very thankful to him.

Many a times she pondered over how things would be in the near future, but since she had got no nonverbal cues from his end, she somehow came to accept the fact that it was a crush, and like many other things, they eventually fade away.

As her work on the project ended, she thanked him for everything, and he simply smiled in return.

That day, she felt sad for not being able to see him anymore or for that matter talk to him, though with the ‘thanks’ she did mention that she would keep in touch.

Life goes on; we meet people, sometimes for few moments, for few days, or may be for years as well,
But do we really know how long will they stay?
And if our memories with them will fade away?
With an incomplete feeling of sorts, she left that place for home.

Interestingly, things didn’t end there, that night when she slept, she woke up with a beautiful dream of he being near her home, coming all the way to meet her. This took her by surprise, only to realise…that is was ‘just a Dream’.


Kunal said...

We dont know, how long will they stay or how long before our memories fade away..

so its better to in Katrina's footsteps - 'mujhe afsos karna nahi aata' ;)

Aakriti said...

haha...nice one Kunal...but well I would rather take that position when I know the guy is 'the one' for me;)

Unknown said...

Good luck Girl, you gonna find that "The one" real soon!! :)

Aakriti said...

@ Risha: ...Umm...dunno when that soon is gonna come sweetheart?:P

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