Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our style reveals our values

“Our style reveals our values”
~ ~- Bryan Magee

Copyright: Aman Malik

In life, whatever you do, write, speak, or carry yourself, your style shall truly reflect ‘your’ values…
And this quote by Bryan Magee helps me learn a lot of things about people.

Many of my friends tell me when I often go wrong in perceiving people “ You are a psychology student, you didn’t even understand?” and then I’m like great! “Does studying psychology transform me into a person with God like powers?” Sigh….I wish. But the truth is that there are far more people out there in the world who are better listeners and observers than me. Sure it is kind of expected that I'll be good at this, but I can also learn by my mistakes right? Anyways I keep psychologising enough in my college, why so much in my life??  

Sure, I’m learning as I’m growing and my life’s lessons are teaching me how ‘untrustworthy’ people can be….and this is where the quote helps…

I’m learning that people are not as loyal and innocent as I’m….and I need to be tactful and interpret their styles before I go ahead ‘liking’ them. And this sadly is the truth of these years!

And I’ll end with this one-
“ I try to anticipate different aspects of each particular relationship, knowing that changing affective experiences will bring about many transformations and many reversals”.
-   Joyce Mc Dougall
(Theatres of the Mind)


Kunal said...

Miss psychologist, you be as tactful as you can..just do not loose your innocence, youthfulness in the process... :)

you were supposed to analyze that picture on my blog...remember?

E. said...

I don't remember ever reading / hearing that last quote but it's very interesting.

Aakriti said...

@ hey my friend Kunal: thank u so much. You know I love myself...but u knw what in time I have realized that to strive in this wicked world I need to be a smart too..thats all I mean by meing 'tactful':) and yeah...I'll come on ur blog and do the analyzing bit;)

Aakriti said...

@ E: Well sure the last quote is not a common one..its from the book called 'theaters of the mind' written by a psychoanalyst...these were lines written by him in the book..and I simply quoted him:)thnks for stopping by!

Subhrashis Adhikari said...

People are in shades of grey...good and bad both resides in the will find what you look for :)....

nice post


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