Friday, August 19, 2011

A New Leaf..

A New Leaf…

Jab jab chaha tune raj ke rulaya
Jab jab chaha tune khul ke hasaya
Jab jab chaha tune khud mein milaya
Ik tuhi tu hi tu hi tu hi tu hi tu hi

These are the beautiful lyrics of the song Ik tu hi tu from the upcoming movie “Mausam” of Shahid and Sonam Kapoor. I’m kinda looking forward to it.

I’m sure by this time all my Bloggy friends knew why I was writing poems on missing a friend, on relationships and the like
And just as I wrote these lines, the Wadali Brothers sing these lines for me…

“Teri ye judai ik
Wak sare chote
Teri ye judai ik
Sukh sare khote

And these are the moments when you feel the songs are meant for you… coming back..I feel glad that as one friend went, two others came. Would you like to know the irony? The friend who has gone, his best friend is now my sweet friend. And today as she messaged me saying that it has been long since we talked, I just thought ‘What if she leaves like he did?” And my talk with her kind of assured me that she won’t.

We can’t stop people from entering our lives,
Nor can we stop them from going,
Sure we can create walls, or gates or windows,
But it is ‘they’ who choose the means……!!

I’m a leaf,
I get withered in autumn,
And just when I feel I’ll be unable to bear the chilly wind,
Striving to live each day,
Under some crushed leaves,
Hiding behind the bare branches,
The rays of sun shine over me,
Telling me there will be Spring,
Spring~ to look forward to,
A life which shall renew,
And new plants that will grow,
As old leaves die in the soil,
To give life to the seeds.

So, today I’m glad and thankful~ for people who came by, even for moments so few,
Coz maybe friends are like flowers too, when they die,
New ones come by,
Sure, the fragrance of real ones always stays,
And as these flowers gather in my garden,
I embrace them by their own quality that makes them ‘them’.

PS: the above pic has been taken by me..and yes sorry for the patch which u get to see behind the text, dunno why is it coming??


Ayushi said...

Losing a friend is bad, Losing a dear friend is worse, And losing a best friend is worst, I've been through the worst, We hardly see each other, it pains sometimes, I want it to wither away with time.
And friends are like flowers, Even when the new ones come by, the old ones leave their fragrance

Subhrashis Adhikari said...

parting is necessary for friends before they meet again...people come and go, and come back again...the important thing is to enjoy...

great post!


Kunal said...

I have been listening to songs from Mausam in repeat mode..since last week. 2-3 songs are just too good. :)

'Har ek friend zaroori hota hai!'

Aakriti said...

hey Ayushi...I m sorry to hear ur profound loss in terms of not having that best friend anymore..I cant say anything to it.coz memories always haunt us, but perhaps the best thing is simply to cherish them and move on?

Aakriti said...

@ Kunal: :) yeah...every friend has its value, no matter whether they stay, or go..:)

Aakriti said...

@ Sub: They come and go, for sure, and also friends are welcomed anytime..yet some things linger on...until cleared:)thnk u soo much!

Suree said...

"We can’t stop people from entering our lives,
Nor can we stop them from going,
Sure we can create walls, or gates or windows,
But it is ‘they’ who choose the means……!! " --- so true that I could not agree anymore.

Aakriti said...

@ Suree: Thank u!!

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