Sunday, August 21, 2011


I’m losing on time,
Coz I feel so helpless today,
I’m losing on smiles,
Coz it’s been a while,
I’m losing on future,
Coz I see the dull sky,
I’m losing out on You,
Coz I leapt in mistake, as you went,
I’m losing my mind,
Coz I don’t wish to think, still I do,
I’m losing on myself,
Coz I see not my past self…anymore.

I’m losing out, my face blank,
My body, worn out and dead,
I’m losing my very ‘Hope’,
Even as I named her with all my love,
I’m lost, nowhere to go,
No one to hold on to,
Coz everyone’s busy,
And I feel morose,

I have lost……..


Suree said...

Wait till I reach the end of this bridge,
And sit by your side looking at the sky above.
I am lacking in my mind with words so much you need,
And I am trying hard not be weak and leave.
Let me look into those pretty eyes and read,
For me that now seems to be the only treat.
Let me take away the sweetest sadness in your eyes,
When your heart is sore and the heavens pour.
Look at me and hold my hand and cross the bridge,
To the other side where happiness and hope is freeze'd. :)

You are amazing :)

Aakriti said...

@ Suree: Awww,,thanks a tonne my dear friend:) thank 'you' sooo much for bringing the smile back.thank u for the lovely words and support:)
When friends like you are there...smiles are back to come.
Will be good in some time..

Suree said...

You are most welcome dear.By the way I created a brand new post out of my comment.Thanks for being the inspiration.Check it out at :

Curl Jung said...


My first visit to your blog
and I love it!


Aakriti said...

@ Hamza: Most Welcome at my blog:)and m glad u liked it:)hoping to see u in future as well!

Curl Jung said...

Thanks for your comment at 'welcome note'.
Actually, It was the disclaimer.

I was meant to be funny, not serious. I am sorry that you felt it was harsh =(

Subhrashis Adhikari said...

it is important to get lost till you find the right way...if you don't, it means you are not in the right path...wait for it, bcoz what you want is not far away :)

Kunal said...

Lots of smiles :)

Take care


Aakriti said...

@ Sub: Halooo...Well Sub, this losing was completely giving was not even getting lost in the woods..and so it 'contained' all my despair and hopelessness in it..but now that m cool!:) things are good! Thank U~ Aakriti

Aakriti said...

@ Kunal: Vielen Danke:)m good. thnks

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