Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I’m a jewel….hard to get

I’m a jewel….hard to get

Yes. I love myself, A lot! And I’m glad for that! You know why? Because I know that I’m worth a million jewels on this earth. I have so much potential in myself. The way I raise myself after every storm throws me far away, tearing my already crushed pieces into bits that are hard to gather, is something that keeps me going!....

I’ll share with you my current FB status..and it goes like:

“And just when we feel that life was already so messed up, there comes a storm, a tornado that makes you realize that there are worse things in life we yet have to overcome...and then I say "Yeah...sure keep them coming...I'll see who'll win!!

I have so much in myself to give, care, understanding, sharing and yes, my intellect as wellbut just that I haven’t found that someone..and I now know, that I’m no more on that finding spree..Let it be..The best things in life find us, when we least expect them. So, I’m done with the finding bit! Even if it means my parents finding that guy for meIt’ll save me so much from ‘syapa’ in relationships!

Yes, I’m a jewel and people who know me might as well agree tooSure I’m a human as well..and that comprises my bads, my mistakes toobut at the end of the day I’m MYSELF!
And life continues to teach me lessons..

Song for the day: Kaisi hai yeh rut ki jisme phool banke dil khile ( Dil Chahta hai)..:)



Kunal said...

"Main apni favorite hun" :)

A human jewel.

Aakriti said...

Arre haan!! I forgot this totally:P..."I dunno about being favourite" Kunal, but I do cherish what I have and what I'm all about:)

Ayushi said...

Nicelu put together aakriti :)

Aakriti said...

Thank u Ayushi!!!:)

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