Saturday, August 6, 2011

The ‘Common’- Wealth Mess

The ‘Common’- Wealth Mess

HI!!this post is very very very serious! no pics to attach this time!...All u gotta do is just 'imagine' the state of affairs...:(

Past few days I’ve been brushing myself through the main newspaper, and every day the newspaper would cover some or the other CAG report on what blunder did our ‘honourable’ government did with crores of rupees which perhaps for them are nothing more than a few pennies.
So today, I ‘actually’ read the umpteen number of stupidities and mindless number of activities which our ministers did.  I read facts like:
·         The overrun cost to host the games was Rs. 1,200 cr which got enhanced to a mighty Rs.18,532 crore .
·         There being no one authority to organise the games.
·         Then I read that Suresh Kalmadi was not the ‘thought of’ appointed person to be the chairman of the Organising Committee. To top it up there was a change from the government owned society to a non government one. !! ( vaarry naaaice!)

What amuses me is that when it comes to organising games at an international level, the way India dealt with things was perhaps so ‘like’ some very commonly found Indians, who do all the ‘ghaplas’, increase the budget to make some money of their own, allot work to multiple parties just so that they can not only oblige the managers of those parties, but also get their own sweet perks.

I’m disappointed over the state of affairs I have been seeing all these years. It seems that no matter whether it is terrorist attack on Mumbai, whose culprit is still being showered with all the love and food sitting here in the jail, for over what?? 2 years?  See…that’s what…things in India, sadly, get stretched like an elastic for years, so much that neither the issue is remembered the way it was, nor the ‘elastic’ remains of any use to either the government or the common man.

 What made me write this post today is that India is a country where there is absolutely no dearth of problems – so after more than 60 years of Independence, wonderfully, we can still show off, that no matter how much we have progressed, yet we have that huge baggage of ill- things at our end. It’s like a son going abroad to work, showing off his skills to the ‘phoren people’ but having no clue of his parent’s condition and health along with other essentials which actually ‘made him’ what he is today.

We people give lakhs of rupees in the taxes government asks from us? And the return gifts we get our indeed amazing-
·         The stupid BRT ( Cumon! Delhi is not about managing traffic in lanes! Here we go ahead at our own speed!:p..)
·         You know I’m dead sure that even when I die, the state of affairs is gonna be the same, unless, I really start filing Public Litigations and RTI’S against our very own ‘poojya’ government!
·         Ha! Look at what the police says “ The crime rate has gone down, this year the rape cases dropped from this number to this number and blah blah shit…”
No matter whether it drops or rises, a Rape is a RAPE!...I sometimes wish if these men had womanly like bodies, I would tell them how it feels like not having your body for yourself even when it is yours!
Best punishment: Castrate the victims. Period.

·         As the monsoon strikes, you know what other gift Delhi gets? Get stuck in never ending traffic jams because of NO drainage system at all..Gavar log! Harappan civilization se hi seekh lete, what it takes to build planned houses and a drainage system! (Yes! This tells you how agitated I’m). All that the MCD ( Manhoos Corporation of Delhi) does is paste the potholes with cement, and then come again every year to do the same job. Sahi hai! Kaam khatam ho jayega na agar pot holes band ho gaye:/

Sigh……I feel like kicking every damn minister’s ass and questioning them what they think our money is for. Eating it up? When it is our parents who have been earning every penny for years? Why are poor people still not getting the very basic of the facilities like clean drinking water and electricity, while they might be having split AC’s in every room? And why can they not achieve the GOAL of Delhi being crime free? And ….well the list goes on..:/


Subhrashis Adhikari said...

it is not only the ministers i is the general mentality of see how the so called educated people drive on the roads? we all want a is obvious when a countries GDP rises along with the inequality...

great post

Kunal said...

"It’s like a son going abroad to work, showing off his skills to the ‘phoren people’ but having no clue of his parent’s condition and health along with other essentials which actually ‘made him’ what he is today." - Replace all this with me! The words went like spears. Though, it is my fault. I accept.

I was living in Delhi before coming here (only for few months) and I know how it feels. I feel pain, a lot of it, at my helplessness. 16th Aug is goin to be a historic day and it is so unfortunate that I am not in India. It is a chance for us to give it back to the so called authorities, to teach them, to tell them, that we are not taking any more shit from you.

Time for the Banners. And it is goin to happen, once I am back. Believe me.

Aakriti said...

hey dear Kunal....m soo soo soo soory:(:( listen dear I didn't mean to hurt at all. U are a great son, m sure. in fact honestly u knw what when I wrote these lines I thought of u, but in a nicer way. I recalled that post of urs ,where u were frustrated about ur dad going through the trouble of walking through the eeky waters everyday..dont worry, togther we CAN ..and WE WILL BRING A CHANGE!:)

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