Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A wavering feeling

If only it was as easy as other things,

I could ask you all my questions unanswered,

If only I could ask you that the trust I laid in you,

Was honest and pure, and not by any thing measured,

I don’t know if I’m afraid,

Or in some kind of loss,

All I know is it doesn’t feels right,

The way things moved, different from the start.

Perhaps you might not be aware,

Of the way you’ve been responding,

You did things, and expressed them too,

Not knowing the results of those happenings,

Should I blame you or myself?

I really do not know,

All I want is you to tell me,

That there was a truth, a trust,

In our friendship, I thought so pure.

Mistakes I made over and again,

Like a kid not understanding,

So immersed in the waters of the sea,

I kept flowing, not thinking.

Had I learnt the lessons,

I would’ve been a different person,

These years passed and added the numbers,

Rusting the same old person.

I so wish things would be better,

But the threads seemed to have entangled,

No way to sort the strings,

They are stuck in a weird fashion.

Perhaps time will make them loose,

And they’ll slip out too,

May time be by my side,

When it’s really hard to choose!


Anonymous said...

its fourth time that my soul rushed me to this very "expressive feelings" of yours...

the pain defined in delicate phrases, we can never over come the loses, but the sweet memories helps us survive...

Aakriti said...

thnk u sooo much Mr. Anonymous..I Knw who it is...I wonder what going under the cloak of "anonymous" does to u ?? and yeah thnks for liking and for appreciating my poem:)

Anonymous said...

:) even i wonder... word "thanks" irritates me, for me an artist is a part of ALMIGHTY, all cannot create and appreciating their work is like worshiping those creations...

so please do not say thanks,.. it is my respect to the feelings and creations (helping us believe that we are very much HUMAN),

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