Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The 6 year old secret

The secret is out in the open. Interestingly, the parts which are open have been well thought of, before they were weaved into a yarn, the individual strands carried a strength and the capacity to be able to be interpreted in ways which were ‘felt’ to be right. 

The gaps between each writing have been long, guess the real world soon became worthy of living than the virtual one! The colours in the mandalas define the beauty that is with- in. Colouring in them is so addictive. A blank mandala is very inviting. It calls on you to make some meaning out of lines. The beauty is that it’s the colours which define them and who adds meaning to the colours? I’ll leave it for you to answer! 

The sound of the sufi music is enchanting and captivating. The notes mimic to the feeling with-in, akin to finding God in the form of love. In moments as graceful as these, even tears do not know how to express themselves. It is moments like these that we define as memories. Perhaps this is what mindfulness is all about. Being in the moment and truly feeling the quietness, stillness, calmness and the beauty enraptured with-in and with-out, with-in as an individual and with-out as a couple, the intra and the inter personal. 

The good we do has a way of coming back. The whole life is a mandala, isn’t it? A circle? And we are our own masters drawing and deleting and working and re-working on the space with-in, that which seems with- out, but is actually with-in us! 

Maybe my heart was yours
Much before I knew I gave it away
Maybe our strings were entangled
Much before my thread knew its say
If it was all worked out at the life’s own bay
What did the Sun have to do
By gleaming it’s powerful rays?

Maybe your words were waiting
For me to write and for you to read
Of all the writers and readers who ever read
On couches, sofas or their beds
What was it that I said
Which in many ways led?
Us to be like butter and bread
Two souls well fed
Being each other’s shed
On days as hot as red
Leading us only to be wed!

Mandalas coloured by me!

Wishing You Well

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