Wednesday, March 11, 2015


To those who find a comfort in the words at this space and to those who have never been here too,


Life away from home has indeed been a gift in these one and a half years. It's not been less than a rollercoaster or a tornado. There have been subtle highs and deep lows, the kinds where you don't see any light and your 'troublesome' thoughts take a toll on you to the extent that begin to question the 'meaning in life'. Nonetheless the light seeped through the tunnel and caught the girl who was willing to fight!

Hoping and wishing you all very well Vanilla lovers. How have you been?:)

I'm back with a haiku at haiku horizons....Ah! poetry I missed you...and words I was yearning to hug you...come here you two!:)

In love I found you
In you I found refuge; the
Light to my tunnel

Love Tunnel ,Ukraine. A beauty, ain't it?:)



Unknown said...

Nice haiku

Vinay Leo R. said...

Simple and lovely :) Good to have you back. (Hopefully, I am too.)

Unknown said...

That is beautiful!

Pat R said...

A splashy return:) nicely done!

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