Saturday, November 22, 2014

On thinking and writing

Every time I come back here at this space, I see how people continue to visit this blogger space, mostly, from abroad. I often wonder what pulls them to this used-to-be-abode of mine. What interests me more is that around 83 people search for my blog url directly, and the blog views are nearing 2 lakh. Now, that's a number! Isn't it? But somehow, that doesn't ring a bell in my head.
Guess, at different points in life, we value different things. So goes for me!

Considering that my quarter life hits the stumps next week, I feel that this blog has had a journey of it's own. It has grown with me. It has fallen, risen, swimmed in the tides, only to nurture a beautiful soul within me.

They say it right " The only experiences you get in life are from the worst one you had".

Don't all of us hit the lowest of the lows, wanting to bury ourselves under the ground, never to see the earth again. Then the night takes it's course, only to give rise to a gorgeous sun. The sun shines the brightest after the worst of the storms. So does life:)

Being optimistic in times which are tough is the hardest task. God however knows his ways. So do we humans.

Think for a moment all the qualities that make you 'you' today. Where did you get them from? All the lessons learnt, the toughness and the strength, where did you get all that from?

God is kind. And so are people.

Been too busy in life all this while. Thoughts come by and go by too, like a breeze. The only difference being, earlier they would be weaved into a yarn. Now they are just left being threads of a wool ball.

In good time, I shall write
About the pains that scratched the heart
The smiles that made a start.

In good time, I shall write,
About the battles that I fought
And those that I won

In good time, I shall write
About the valleys that took me in
And the peaks that were supreme

In good time, I shall write
Of the love that seemed lost
And the one that was kept alive

In good time, I shall write
Of the flame that died
And the one that is still ignite

In time, I shall write
In time, I reminisce
In time, I stand
In time, I swim

With time, I evolved
With time, I run
With time, I slow down
With time, I breathe

May time, bless us all.


today, let's be high on tea;)



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